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Providing quality products to the aerospace and defense industries since 1967.

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Who We Are

Since its founding in 1967, CPC has provided the aerospace and defense industry with quality products and services. Over the last 50 years, much has changed in our industry; however, we have continued to successfully adapt to these changes, as is evidenced by our long standing as a supplier of aerospace and defense products.

As a small business, we have maintained customer relationships with key players in our industry, including, but not limited to, Boeing, Spirit Aerosystems, and the US Government. Consequently, we are well acquainted with the high standards for product and service quality placed on aerospace and defense suppliers.

However, we are not merely acquainted with high standards; we are also equipped to achieve them. With quality equipment, knowledgeable staff, and a certified Quality Management System (QMS) we have managed to consistently provide our customers with first rate products and services.

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What We Do

The majority of our business is comprised of products found in standards catalogs. Examples of such catalogs include Boeing D-590 Standards, NAS Standards, and MIL/MS Standards. However, we are resourced to do more than product standards. On many occasions we have worked with our customers to develop, prototype, and/or build customer designed products. This flexibility is due in part to the variety of high quality CNC equipment we possess. One long held business strategy of ours has been to acquire and maintain high quality equipment. This, we believe, gives us an edge over our competitors; it gives us the ability solve a broader set of problems.

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