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Assembly Services

Parts and components for the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries require precision, repeatability, and prompt delivery. With on-site assembly services that complement our efficient CNC machining capabilities, your procurement needs can be quickly met by Component Products Corporation’s versatile solutions.

Assembly Services We Offer

In addition to other capabilities and services, we offer a variety of assembly and installation services to streamline your purchasing process. These services include typical component assemblies for the aerospace and defense industries as well as project-specific assemblies, including:

  • Ground stud assembly: Ground studs are bolts attached to a block to provide grounding point access.
  • Fastener assembly: To mechanically join two or more parts, we produce fastening hardware devices.
  • Riveting: Rivets are permanent mechanical fasteners. They are smooth cylindrical shafts that have a head on one end and a tail on the other.
  • General component assembly: We provide general assembly services to meet any customer requirements.

Common examples of assembly specifications we see include:

  • BAC5117 – Electrical Bonding
  • BAC5064 – Installation of Inserts, Panel Fasteners, and Related Hardware
  • BAC5004 – Solid Rivet Installation

Benefits of Working With Component Products Corporation

Customers only trust component suppliers that deliver excellent parts and excellent service. We strive to achieve both, and our performance illustrates both our past success and commitment to continual improvement. Here are some of the benefits of working with Component Products Corp.

Customer Satisfaction

Our greatest reward is our satisfied customers, and our goal is always to solve your problems. We work at every stage and level of our organization to provide superior products and services. With every project, you can expect:

  • On-Time Delivery: Often faster than other suppliers
  • Rapid Response: We usually respond to RFQs within 1 day
  • Clear, Effective Communication: We aim to be transparent, proactive, and responsive at every step of your project

Quality Assurance

We strive for compliance with industry standards as well as your project-specific requirements and specifications. Quality has always been a fundamental value for our company, and we continuously adapt and expand our policies, practices, and procedures for improvement. These efforts are reflected in our:

  • AS9100 Quality Management System certification since 2011
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • NIST 800-171 / CMMC L2 compliance

Experience & Reputation

With over 50 years of expanding our services and building our exceptional team and facilities, we have adapted to meet, anticipate, and exceed our customers’ expectations. Component Products Corporation is proud to have received the Boeing Performance Excellence Award 10+ times. In addition to Boeing, we work with:

  • Airbus
  • Bombardier
  • United States Department of Defense

Other Services

In addition to metal assembly services, our sheet metal capabilities include forming, cutting, bending, and shearing. Our extensive metal and plastic machining capabilities include milling, turning, sawing, waterjet cutting, and more. With this broad range of services, we are a multi-service solution for all your procurement needs.

Assembly Services With Component Products Corporation

At Component Products Corp., our assembly services complement our comprehensive CNC machining capabilities. Customers benefit from our excellent customer service, quality assurance, extensive industry experience, and other capabilities, all of which make us a dependable and comprehensive solutions provider. Learn more about our certifications to discover our commitment to quality and customer service. Contact us to learn more about our full production and assembly services, or request a quote to get started with your next project.