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Flight Control Panels

November 16, 2023

Control Panels

Pilots control aircraft from the cockpit using flight instruments and controls. These instruments and controls are installed in control panels which are mounted on racks or consoles within the cockpit or flight deck. Continue reading to learn more about control panels as well as how Component Products Corporation (CPC) can support your control panel production needs.

About Control Panels

Control panels can be used to present human-machine interface (HMI) components as well as flight instruments and controls. Examples of HMI components include digital displays and keyboards. Examples of flight controls include knobs, switches, buttons, and flight instruments. In both cases, structural components such as plates, frames, and bezels must be cut to precise measurements to accommodate these displays, instruments, and/or controls.

A control panel’s structural components are usually made of thin, lightweight materials, most commonly aluminum sheet. Other popular options include acrylic or other plastic. If extra strength is required, the material’s thickness may be increased, or a stronger, heavier material like stainless steel may be used. In some cases the panel structure may need to provide a grounding source for electrical components. In such cases the functional requirements of the panel will determine which material is most suitable.

Depending on the available space or other design constraints, control panels come in two main forms:

  1. Standard Dimension Control Panels: Standard dimension control panels are control panels that are built to standard dimensions. Standardizing sizes allows for ease of installation; assemblers can easily install or uninstall control panels within the instrument panel.
  2. Nonstandard Dimension Control Panels: Nonstandard dimensional control panels are control panels with nonstandard dimensions. They are required when standard dimension panels are impossible or impractical to install, whether due to an irregular shape, lack of available space, and/or other custom constraints.

Manufacturing Control Panels

Control panels are an assembled product which contain several subcomponents. A complete control panel assembly may include the following.

  • Lighting Assembly
    • Lighting Plate
    • Lighting Components
  • Structural Components
    • Control Panel Frame
    • Mounting Plate
    • Cover Box
    • Fasteners
    • Bezels
  • Electrical Assembly
    • Electrical Components (Knobs, Switches, Push Buttons, etc.)
    • Internal Wiring
    • Electrical Receptacles

CPC specializes in manufacturing structural components as well as performing light assembly work. We manufacture panel frames, mounting plates, or bezels of almost any configuration, dimensions, color, cut-out pattern, and finish. In addition, we manufacture structural components that meet specific performance requirements, such as low resistance and corrosion-resistance requirements.

Thanks to our AS9100 certified quality management system, mature manufacturing processes, and precision manufacturing equipment, you can rely on us to support your control panel production needs. To date we have had zero customer returns of our control panel products due to an error in dimensional requirements. For over 25 years, major aerospace OEMs and distributors have depended on our ability to provide them with quality control panel products precisely when they need it.

Benefits of Working With CPC

At Component Products Corporation, we ensure clients receive the best in customer service and customer satisfaction. By working with us you can benefit from the following advantages we provide our customers.

  • 50 years of experience in the aerospace industry.
  • 25 years of experience manufacturing control panels for major OEMS and distributors in the aerospace and defense industry.
  • A mature network of dependable and local processing suppliers that allow for a diverse selection of finishing requirements.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Quick response times to requests for quotes.
  • Flexible lead times with options to expedite.
  • Excellent levels of quality and on time delivery.
  • Full commitment to satisfying customer requirements, including customer compliance requirements.
  • Full commitment to safeguarding proprietary and technical data, as supported by our compliance to NIST 800-171.

Contact Us Today

CPC’s precision machining and fabrication services meet or exceed all relevant standards for aerospace manufacturing. As an ISO 9001:2015-certified, AS9100D-certified, and NIST 800-171 compliant company, CPC is dedicated to delivering only the highest quality structural panel components according to customer specifications and timelines. To learn more about our products, contact us or request a quote today.